WSOP 2014 – Main Event, Final Table. Ep3 (Eng) Day1 - Video Online

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Continues to acquaint participants with the final table: Bailli Pappas - 29 years, United States. William Pappakonstantinu, also known as Billy Pappas, is one of the best players in the world ... in table football. 29-year-old native of Lowell, Massachusetts, playing table football since 2003 and has to its credit many victories, including seven world titles. Daniel Sindelar - 32 years old, USA. Poker with interested youth to be engaged in something and instead of after graduation. With 22 years of living in Las Vegas. Before getting to the final WSOP ME Sindelar managed to win a $ 336 thousand. Daniel won bracelets WSOP, but 17 times cashed World Series Tournament. This brought Sindelar $ 150 thousand. In the WSOP Main Event Sindelar involved at least 5 years, but this year he managed to pass the first prize zone, and even once to reach the final.

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