Гас Хансен страдает от неудач и проигрышей до паранойи

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На днях покерное сообщество взволновала очередная новость от датского неудачника года Гаса Хансена.

Все знают, что этот горе-профессионал Full Tilt Poker проиграл за уходящий год уже более 15 миллионов долларов. И, как показывают последние события, это не прошло для него бесследно. Ганс потихоньку сходит с ума. Уже не первый раз датчанин нападает на своих оппонентов по игре с обвинениями в мошенничестве и жульничестве. 

В последний раз досталось SallyWoo, с которым Гас «сцепился» в онлайн чате во время игры в Омаху. Обвинения сыпались «как из ведра», правда фактов и доказательств и Хансена так и не нашлось. Вот вам пример затяжного тильта, смотрим и делаем выводы, как не нужно себя вести.

Для тех, кто владеет английским:

SallyWoo: what are u trying to get at with those questions?
SallyWoo: u think im pulling an angle?
Gus Hansen: just seemed funny that you chose to close the table down
SallyWoo: but i didnt choose that now did ii
Gus Hansen: if not you then who closed the table down
SallyWoo: u dont listen
SallyWoo: it was NEVER closed
SallyWoo: i had 2 tables open all day, 2nd one doesnt show its in the background
Gus Hansen: ok fair enough
SallyWoo: u should understand this
SallyWoo: for some reason when u left it pushed new one up front, maybe cause new one had more money at it? idk and dint notice
Gus Hansen: anyways - asked my friend about it - he thinks you should pay back the 4K - think it over - and do whatever you feel like
SallyWoo: wait, who is this friend
SallyWoo: and i thought our deal way we NEVER bet if guy dc
SallyWoo: but if he dc after we bet its on him
SallyWoo: i just 3 bet and then u dc
SallyWoo: am i in wrong here?
Gus Hansen: like I said think it over and do as you please
SallyWoo: do u think i did something wrong here?
Gus Hansen: nope you 3 bet nothing wrong with that
SallyWoo: i can assure u i dont angle over 4k, i have ZERO history of that
SallyWoo: in 12 yrs of onmline play (yes ive been around that long and im older than u)
Gus Hansen: dont think age gives any credit
SallyWoo: obvi not
SallyWoo: pointing out i have a long history of playing with integrity
Gus Hansen: I know that
SallyWoo: and this "friend" of yours told u i closed the table, when i didnt
SallyWoo: and i explained why, this "friend" should have also seen what happened
Gus Hansen: the computer program right by your side - could be slippery slope
SallyWoo: ?
SallyWoo: huh
SallyWoo: are you accusing me of cheating?
Gus Hansen: and funny enough all the guys taking about integrity is you KPR and Cotton like you have to prove something
Gus Hansen: nope I am not
Hattenford (Observer): confirmed Gus, i was here to, he didnt close it
Gus Hansen: accusing you of cheating
Gus Hansen: of course not
SallyWoo: you accused me of closing tables to pull and angle and then have a computer prgram next to me, thats out of line imo
Gus Hansen: Please tell me that will swear right hear that you dont have a O8 computer program
Gus Hansen: anyways - I dont have a case in court - but I doubt any poker player would rule that you should keep the 4K
SallyWoo: you really are accusing me of this gus?
Gus Hansen: do whatever you think is right
SallyWoo: tell me upfront
Gus Hansen: I am not accusing you of anythjing
SallyWoo: what was our deal with dc, i will always honor it now and in future
Gus Hansen: I believe you have an O8 program - thats all I said
SallyWoo: i thought deal was if either player dc we return btns (i have done that for u 30 times)
SallyWoo: and if guy dc we check it down
Gus Hansen: maybe 130
SallyWoo: but if he dc after we bet its on player?
Gus Hansen: 571
Gus Hansen: ok
SallyWoo: im honoring our deal, as i always have
SallyWoo: what is 130 and 571?
Gus Hansen: times you have paid me back after disconnect
SallyWoo: every time u have those short dc dont i always adjust btns for u?
Gus Hansen: I havent said you didnt
Gus Hansen: just enjoyed your exaggeration
SallyWoo: state the deal with dc and i will honor it, always have, but u were the one when we made deal that said if guy dc AFTER we bet its on him
SallyWoo: i remeber the conversation vividly
Gus Hansen: not sure we specifically said that
Gus Hansen: but this was preflop
SallyWoo: we did, ill ask FT to retrieve chat if they will, can u have them do it? i give you them and u permission to read it
Gus Hansen: whatever
Gus Hansen: since this was probably last time we played - I just wanna add it was funny you were so offended of me saying you have an O8 computer program - since obviously you do
SallyWoo: ohh lord gus, i dont cheat
SallyWoo: i did nothing wrong here, ill ask ft for our conversation about our deal and send it to u on twitter or something
Gus Hansen: lol - I guess you are trying to start a career as a politician, since you like to answer in east when the question came from west

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